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Welcome to Sleep Technology Australia!

Forget everything you ever thought you knew about beds. The Sleep Technology Adjustable bed is not just a place to sleep, although you will get the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. This is a bed in which to relax, watch TV, read … all in perfect comfort.

At the touch of a button, you can raise the feet for better peripheral circulation and relaxation.

Touch the button again you bring the head up for the perfect “chaise-lounge” effect. When you wish to get out of bed quickly and easily, just drop the feet and raise the head for you to ease out to a standing position.No ordinary bed can do these things but if you prefer a flat surface for sleeping the Sleep Technology becomes flat like an ordinary bed again with the touch of a button.

Your tired body will instantly respond to the overall support that the Sleep Technology Adjustable Bed delivers.From head to toe your body weight is evenly distributed and cradled in a position that feels just right for you. Once you experience how remarkably comfortable the adjustable bed can be, you’ll know why so many people are never satisfied sleeping on any other kind of bed.

Ease Aches and Soreness in Backs and Legs, The Sleep Technology Adjustable Bed provides an effective way to ease back ache. Many of us, however, have more than simple aches and pains. With a Sleep Technology Adjustable Bed people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, poor circulation, hiatus hernia, stress or medical disabilities can finally get the comfort and rest that cannot be obtained from normal flat beds.

At the touch of a button you can raise or lower either end of the bed. Lower the head a little and raise the feet for better circulation and enhanced support, or for back pain relief, activate the massage units, which may provide temporary relief and provide comfortable sleep.